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Clayton Health & Fitness

Our mission and policies


Our Family Welcomes Yours

The mission of Clayton Health & Fitness is to provide excellence in facilities, programs and services to help members achieve their maximum potential for health and fitness.


Monday - Thursday 5:30AM 10:00PM
Friday 5:30AM 9:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM 5:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM 6:00PM

No one speaks higher of Clayton Health & Fitness than those we serve. Check out the testimonials below to read about our dedication and commitment to build a healthier community.

More information on CHF schedule and how to find us...

We are working to create a culture of environmental responsibility within our facilities...

Core policies and rules for Clayton Health & Fitness


Jake Louden

Jake Louden

It's the best gym in town, and one of the best I have ever been to. The staff makes one feel welcome,everyone is nice.
Patty Ann Swavely Wilcox

Patty Ann Swavely Wilcox

I love going to this center. It makes exercise fun! I go to the fun dance and weight lifting combo class with stretching to end it all. I try to go to my 6 classes a week. I can also work out on other machines whenever I can find extra time. Hours are so flexible that it makes going to center easy. Staff at center are very friendly and helpful.
Aundrea Henry

Aundrea Henry

Amazing staff, always willing to help with questions and an encouraging word. Beautiful facility, up to date equipment, warm pool, love the sauna. Just a wonderful place!!!
Gail Notestine

Gail Notestine

Love this gym! I have trained in everything from hard-core bodybuilding gyms to frou frou "ladies" gyms. Clayton Health & Fitness meets the needs of all different fitness requirements. Everyone is friendly and helpful.



TRAVEL TIME: 29 min without traffic
via US-23 N/US-441 N

Head north on S Main St toward E Savannah St

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E Savannah St

Turn left onto US-23 N/US-441 N
Entering North Carolina

Take the ramp onto US-23 N/US-441 N/US-64 E/U.S 441 Bypass N
Continue to follow US-23 N/US-441 N/U.S 441 Bypass N

Turn left onto Hunnicut Ln/E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Continue to follow E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Destination will be on the right

TRAVEL TIME: 1 h 12 min (67.0 miles)
via I-40 W and US-74 W/Great Smoky Mountains Expy

Follow I-40 W, US-74 W/Great Smoky Mountains Expy and US-23 S to E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus in Franklin

Turn right onto E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Destination will be on the right

TRAVEL TIME: 2 h 6 min without traffic
via US-23 N Atlanta, GA

Get on I-75 N/I-85 N

Follow I-85 N, I-985 N/Lanier Pkwy and US-23 N to Hunnicut Ln/E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus in Franklin

Turn left onto Hunnicut Ln/E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Continue to follow E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Destination will be on the right

TRAVEL TIME: 1 h 57 min without traffic
via I-85 S - Greenville, SC

Take I-85 S to SC-24 W in Anderson County. Take exit 11 from I-85 S

Turn right onto SC-24 W

Follow US-76 W and US-23/US-441 to Hunnicut Ln/E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus in Franklin
1 h 4 min (51.3 mi)

Turn left onto Hunnicut Ln/E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Continue to follow E Main St/U.S. 441 Bus
Destination will be on the right


69 Seed Tick Road
Clayton GA 30525
Phone::(706) 434-8800


Solar Heated Water

Our locker room showers & sinks use solar heating to keep our water at an optimum temperature for our members.

Smoothie Bar

At our smoothie bar, we use biodegradable cups made from corn resin. Unlike regular plastic cups, these will degrade over time and not clog our landfills.


To cut down on waste water our urinals use Zeroflush technology. This eliminates thousands of gallons of wastewater each year.

Excel Hand Dryers

The finest American-made hand dryers in the industry. These high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are Green-Spec, Green Certified.




Billing and Collections

Members will be billed on the 1st or the 15th of each month through the electronic funds transfer system. The payment of your dues is required regardless of whether you change or close your bank or credit card account.

Keep center informed of all mailing address changes, bank changes, credit card changes, expired cards, and lost or replaced cards.

Past due accounts are subject to be forwarded to a collection agency. The member will be liable for the entire balance of the agreement and payment of all costs incurred by the CHF in the collection of past due obligations to the CHF.

Charges and Fees

  • Returned checks or credit card draft: $20
  • Membership card: No charge
  • Membership Freeze: Written notification required
  • Change in membership: No charge

Termination of Membership

Your agreement is for the term you have signed up for and is not dependent on how often you use the center.

To cancel your membership at or after the end of your Minimum Agreement Term, Clayton Health & Fitness requires a 30 day written notification. Mail, or fill out the form with Member Services. Verbal cancellations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All unpaid balances must be paid in full.

See Membership Agreement for full details.



Center members are responsible for their guests. If Guest is accompanied by a member – Guest Fees: $12, Not accompanied by a member –

Guest Fees:

  • $20 (13 years & older)
  • $6 (up through 12 years)
  • $12 (fee for KidsZone only).

Fees are per guest, per visit.



For your safety, shoes must be worn at all times throughout the building, except in the locker room and swimming area. Bare feet and sandals are not acceptable footwear in the fitness areas. Non-marking shoes are to be worn when using the aerobics room. Shirts must be worn during all activities except swimming. Shirts and shoes must be worn while “in transit” in the lobby.



(Childcare, infant through 12 years)

Childcare is provided for children as part of a paid membership. We understand how important it is to you that your children are in a safe, creative, and loving environment while you take time out for yourselves. That is why we have provided a special little place for your little, and not-so-little ones. The KidsZone staff is thoroughly trained and many are parents themselves. We strive to make your child’s stay with us fun and exciting; a place where they want to return.


  • Reservations for the KidsZone must be made at least 8 hours in advance. The Service Desk staff will assist you in making reservations.
  • Please call and cancel your reservation if you can’t make it.
  • Children must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian. If someone other than the drop-off parent will pick up your child, please indicate that to a KidsZone Employee.
  • Parents may not leave center grounds.
  • Children may stay a maximum of 1.5 hours.
  • Please only bring water in an age appropriate container for your child. No juice, food, candy, or gum is allowed. You may bring prepared formula for your infant; however, we may not always be able to feed your child.
  • Please label all your child’s belongings including bags, clothing, pacifiers, comfort items and diapers.
  • You will be contacted for illness, injury, or disruptive or unmanageable behavior.


In order to provide a healthy environment for children and staff, we reserve the right to turn away sick children. Children with the following symptoms may not stay in the KidsZone:

  • Fever, vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Open sores or rash
  • Strep Throat
  • Pink Eye
  • Severe Cough
  • Colored nasal discharge
  • Started new antibiotic within the last 24 hours for bacterial infection
  • Parents will be notified if a child with a contagious illness, such as chickenpox, has been to the KidsZone.
  • If your child could not attend school or daycare due to illness, please do not bring your child to the KidsZone.


We encourage behavior that demonstrates respect for others and others’ belongings. Diversion and positive verbal correction are used to discourage a contrary behavior. Time-out may also be employed for a time period that is age appropriate. However, the following behavior will require that your child is removed from the KidsZone.

  • Continued misbehavior after timeout is administered
  • Biting or aggressive hitting or kicking
  • Damaging others or club property
  • Refusing repeatedly to comply with rules




The following guidelines have been established for the safety of your children.

  • Children ages 5 and under are not allowed in the sauna and those between the ages of 6 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children ages 5 and up are not allowed in opposite sex locker rooms.
  • Children ages 10 and under are not allowed in the weight or cardio areas.
  • Children ages 11-14 must be accompanied by a parent to be in the weight or cardio areas.
  • Children ages 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times outside the KidsZone. This includes the smoothie bar and lobby.


Members are welcome to bring their own bath towels from home - if using showers. Small workout towels will be available throughout the center, included with membership.



Day lockers are available for use during your workout. You may bring your own lock. You may rent a locker for $14 per month. Locker rooms also have showers and a sauna.


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